Top 9 Books on Property Investing Australia – The Ultimate List

books on property investing australia

Have you wondered what the top books on property investing in Australia were? Well, rest assured that by the end of this helpful article, you’ll be across it. 

At Little Fish Real Estate, we’re all about sharing what we know with our clients, audience and even the general public. We believe in the value of education and don’t believe in hoarding secrets or sector knowledge. Property investment used to be for the select few with enough capital to make it work. Furthermore, they also never shared their processes, systems or knowledge. We want to disrupt this, so we share articles like this one.

There are heaps of books written about property investing in Australia. They are not all brilliant. However, this article will share the ultimate list of books you should read if you want to become a legitimate property investor. 

We’ll also share a few books written by international authors, as they are still relevant and helpful to learn from. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have a substantial list of books to work your way through. So, let’s get stuck into it.

Why Read Books on Property Investing Australia?

We have a saying here at Little Fish. It goes, knowledge is power, but it’s also money. This saying means that if you know property investment, you have the power to make it happen. And property investing is an excellent way to make money. So much so that it is a full-time role for some people and companies like us; trust us, we wouldn’t be in it if it weren’t profitable. We all have families to support and bills to pay.

The Ultimate List of Top Books on Property Investing Australia 

Books are the ultimate source of knowledge and have been for generations. Chances are, if you’re interested in learning about a topic, you can find a book to teach you about it. Property investment is no different. There is a wealth of books out there. So, let’s begin the ultimate list. In no particular order!

1. Rethink Property Investing

by Scott O’Neill and Mina O’Neill

This book is about commercial property investment, which can be a lucrative form of investment. Written by Scot and Mina O’Neill, who are leaders in this space. They are also founders of the company Rethink Investing. 

In this book, they demonstrate how they retired at the age of 28. They now survive off the income generated by a 20 million dollar property portfolio. This book is invaluable, dispels common myths and explains the main principles of commercial property investment in simple language. 

Furthermore, they share their winning strategies, using straightforward and easy-to-understand writing. In the book, they condense their approach into seven simple steps. They are forthcoming and honest with their personal experiences and success. This book is simply a must-read for the budding investor. 

2. A Military Guide to Property Investing

by Lachlan Vidler and Tori Colls

This helpful book was penned by two former military professionals – Tori Colls and Lachlan Vidler. It outlines the step-by-step method they meticulously followed to create an impressive portfolio of properties while they were still in their twenties. 

They use a ten-step plan, which directly draws from their time in the service and implements the discipline, strategy and execution of military activities. In addition, they create a target goal and use a systematic and strategic approach to achieve it.

This book cuts through the noise of books on property investing in Australia and aims to educate regular Australians on how they can embark on their investment journey. The gold in this book is that it uses ruthless military efficiency to create property wealth. 

3. Buy Now

by Lloyd Edge

This book is perfect for the beginner property developer. Lloyd Edge was a teacher with a teacher’s wage when he started investing in property. He pivoted his career to become an award-winning buyer’s agent who has created financial independence through his property portfolio. 

In addition, he is also the author of Positively Geared, which isn’t on this list but is well worth a read.

Buy Now shares advice perfect for those beginning their property investment journey. It will walk you through budgeting and saving for a deposit. Furthermore, it helps you understand the property market and secure a mortgage on an investment property. The beauty of this book is that it provides detailed, yet simple, advice that anyone can follow. 

Let’s continue our ultimate list with this next excellent book. 

4. Property Fit

by Luke Harris

Luke Harris is an experienced property investor and entrepreneur. Property Fit takes the reader through the groundwork and foundations you need to lay before investing in property. After that, he gives a detailed rundown of how you can invest in property. The book aims to help you develop a strategy that will lead to financial freedom through property investing. 

The brilliant thing about this book is Luke’s analogy between personal fitness, exercise and property investing. Hence the title – Property Fit.

The author sees the process as parallel to a fitness program, where you must build up your endurance and skill before running the marathon. In addition, the book details how you can get into shape by learning how others have invested in property and learning from their mistakes. It also claims that you need to find a team of experts who are your “trainers” and then do a self-assessment, your fitness test. Once you’ve done these steps, you can look at achieving your property investment goals. 

Furthermore, the extraordinary thing about this book is that it includes tips from mentors, mindset goals, and strategies that work for those new or experienced in property investing. 

5. Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply

by Steve Palise

Here’s another book about commercial property investment worth including in our ultimate list. It is one of Australia’s top books on property investing and is worthy of this list. 

This book was a finalist in the Finance and Investment category in the 2021 Business Book Awards. The book is worthy of an award with a distinguished author. Steve Palise has had a lengthy career leading buyer’s agencies. In addition, he has acquired hundreds of commercial properties for his client and himself. The actual number is close to 1,500.

In his book, the author puts the best approach for commercial property investment in simple language. He has a philosophy that investments should serve to increase your wealth, provide passive income and do so with as little risk as possible. Steve has a positive attitude and an excellent writing style, and this book is fun to read. He is working on a follow-up focused on residential property investment. 

6. How To Grow A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio

By Michael Yardney

This book is currently out in a new, updated 16th-anniversary edition. This book is a best-seller and with good reason. It outlines a method and framework to achieve financial freedom in the current economic climate.

It is a classic book on property investing in Australia. You’ll find it on many property investors’ and developers’ bookshelves. You’ll learn a step-by-step plan to achieve wealth via property investment by a trusted source. In addition to his writing, Michael Yardney is one of the most trusted public commentators on property investment with a proven track record.

This book suits beginners on the property investment journey and those with more experience. 

Now, the following books may not be written by Australian authors. Still, they are definitely helpful for border knowledge about finances and investment. You can use them to build up your knowledge base and make informed decisions about your approach to property investment. 

7. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the top-selling personal finance book of all time. And that’s a considerable achievement for such a topic with many books written about it. 

Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote it in 2001, which has remained relevant. 

The book targets dads who want to set their kids up for financial success. Still, it also contains excellent personal finance, investment and other advice worth learning about. 

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, you’ll see how the author dispels myths such as requiring a high income to become rich. The book also challenges ideas such as your principal place of residence being an asset. He claims it is a liability and explains why. 

It also explores the main reasons many struggle with finances and financial stability throughout their lives. It suggests the reason is that financial security isn’t taught in the education system and is a skill you need to develop and learn yourself.

8. Rich Habits, Poor Habits

By Michael Yardney and Tom Corley

This helpful read is next on our list of top books on property investing in Australia. Remember, while not about property investing, it is worth reading to gain knowledge. 

Tom Corley and Michael Yardney wrote Rich Habits Poor Habits in 2016.

The best aspect of this book is based on five years of action research and interviews of wealthy and poor people. 

This research explores the different daily habits between poor people and rich people. 

This book is excellent for helping you achieve a wealthy mindset – a large part of creating wealth for yourself. 

In the property investment game, your state of mind is as important as the methods for building your property portfolio. You need to have a proactive, positive and growth/wealth mindset to get ahead in this game. 

This book will help you develop your daily habits to assist you in building your wealth and generating a passive income via property investment. 

9. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

By Harv Eker 

Again, this book is more about mindset than investing in property, but remember – attitude is critical in this space. You must have the right attitude and practical steps to build your property portfolio. 

Harv Eker penned this book way back in 2005, before the Global Financial Crisis. The book is similar to Rich Dad Poor Dad. It delves into how the kids of wealthy parents pick up behavioural, thought and habit patterns that can lead them to amass wealth as they age. 

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind describes that the values we learn as children, taught by our role model parents, will contribute to our financial course in adult life. For instance, if your parents had poor financial literacy or habits, you will likely inherit these.

Throughout the book, the author suggests that if you have inherited the bad parts of your parent’s relationship with money, you can break away from your learned habits. In addition, you can then develop better financial habits, which you can apply to property investment. 

Top 10 Books on Property Investing Australia – In Summary

We have shared our ultimate list of books on property investing in Australia. By reading the books listed here, you increase your knowledge and, ultimately, your power and wealth.

You’ll learn from some of the best property investors and wealthy influencers by working your way through this list. Furthermore, we’ve also included some valuable books about a wealth mindset and positive habits of wealthy people. While not directly about property investment, they are still helpful enough to make our ultimate list. 

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