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What is Rentvesting – 8 Things You Must Know

what is rentvesting
Have you found yourself wondering what rentvesting is? This is an odd term unknown to many outside certain real estate circles or investment and finance community Facebook groups. Well, don’t stress – this helpful article will explain all about rentvesting and share x things you must know about this phenomenon. We’ll explain what exactly rentvesting… Read More

Dual Occupancy Houses for Sale Melbourne – A Generational Opportunity

2 Garth St
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Buy a Townhouse – 11 Tips to Ensure You Buy With Confidence

buying a townhouse
Are you thinking of buying a townhouse? It’s an exciting time, shopping for a house. Whether you’re buying to live in or as an investment property, the ride can be wild. Especially with a hot property market, buying a home can be a stressful yet thrilling adventure. There is so much to consider and lots of things to do. Even if you’ve bought… Read More

Should I Buy a Townhouse – Everything You Need to Know

should i buy a townhouse
Have you ever asked yourself: “should I buy a townhouse?” Well, you’re in luck because we’ll answer that question in depth in this helpful article. Buying real estate is no small achievement; it’s often the most significant purchase that people make in life. That’s why you should never rush into a property purchase. Making a… Read More