Welcome to the marketing section of the Little Fish Real Estate blog. Within you will find real estate marketing tips, hints, tricks and information. In addition, this blog should help you make better marketing decisions when it comes to residential real estate.

Whether you are buying a townhouse or selling one. Or whether you are buying off the plan homes or established. We have you covered.

Our writing team has a collective few decades of experience with everything to do with real estate, from real estate development, sales and especially marketing. We stay informed and up to date with all the current trends and insights and are happy to pass them on to you, our valued reader.

In this section, you will discover content on topics such as:

  • How to market real estate property
  • Marketing off the plan townhouses
  • 3D renders and how to market with them
  • Sales brochures and how to use them
  • Mood boards and trays
  • Property tips
  • What impacts buyers of real estate
  • What to know to maximise your sales as a home vendor
  • And much more

If you are an experienced real estate sales expert, hopefully, you’ll find something useful here to expand your knowledge. Also, if you are a relative newcomer to real estate marketing and sales, this blog should provide a wealth of knowledge to kickstart your sales career.

For sellers and buyers, this section should also prove useful as you can learn all the tips and tricks the professionals use and then utilise them to your advantage.