Welcome to the selling townhouses category on the Little Fish Real Estate blog. We share valuable tips and insights to help you make better townhouse selling and buying decisions.

We share everything you need to know when it comes to Melbourne townhouses and off the plan sales.

This blog will be an incredible resource for anything to do with this topic. In addition to this, the team at Little Fish Real Estate have decades of industry knowledge and experience between us, and we are happy to share what we know with you here in this blog.

Within this section, you will find topics such as:

  • How to sell a home
  • Preparing a home for sale
  • Choosing the right real estate sales marketing business
  • Private sales vs auctions
  • Stamp duty and capital gains tax
  • How to sell an investment property
  • If you sell, how affects your mortgage
  • When you sell while preparing to buy your next home
  • And much more

Whether you’ve sold many properties or are getting ready to put your first home on the market, you’ll find valuable and worthwhile information in this blog section.

In addition, if you’re a buyer this section is still useful, as it will inform you of the seller’s perspective when listing their home on the market. This can be useful information as it can give you an edge that other buyers don’t have, which could mean the difference between you buying the home of your dreams or missing out, for instance.

You can be sure we will cover everything you wanted to know if you plan to sell residential real estate.

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